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Dog Diarrhea Information
In young puppies and elderly dogs, dog diarrhea can result in dehydration very quickly.

Mild illnesses may become fatal if a dog diarrhea treatment is not begun early enough to prevent a severe fluid loss and nutrient loss.

Vets will search for the underlying cause of serious diarrhea in dogs with x-rays, blood tests, and stool cultures.

If the cause of dog diarrhea is not found those ways, vets will perform biopsies of the intestinal tract, or exploratory abdominal surgery.

Once the diagnosis is known, vets will treat dog diarrhea with drugs to control the motility of the intestinal tract, and another drug to relieve inflammation in the intestinal tract. Drugs with toxic and harmful side effects.

If your dog's diarrhea is not controlled with the drugs in 2-4 days, vets will put your dog on another drug, and perform more tests.
The Causes Of Dog Diarrhea
The cause of dog diarrhea can be a number of reasons, including:

Stomach or Intestinal viruses,
Intestinal parasites, (dog worms),
Dietary indiscretions (eating garbage),
Viral infection,
Bacterial infection,
A foreign object swallowed,
Fatal illnesses, (cancer),
Liver disease,
Kidney disease,
and even a change in diet.

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