Stop Killing Your Dog

Find out the Truth.  Healthy Commercial Dog Food is often Not Healthy.


According to the July 9 edition of "All the Latest News," nuts are toxic to dogs. This includes walnuts and macadamia nuts, which have a toxicity that is very harmful to the animals.

I have long known, being a dog owner, that chocolate is very dangerous to dogs and should a dog happen to get a nut and chocolate, the result could be fatal.

As a follow-up to this information, I can add that our veterinarian says that there really is no good policy with respect to giving dogs "people food." The greatest danger is the possibility of kidney failure and esophageal symptoms that are untoward due to the odd effect that the food can have on the dogs.

Because nuts are toxic to dogs, what should the dog owner with the big heart give to the dog that is looking at them with those "begging eyes"?

The answer is that the dog owner who is really concerned about his canine friend will feed him (or her) an approved dog snack.

One of the additional problems is that when one feeds the dog people food you are putting the animal in a position where they will gain weight and have the same problems as a human with cardiovascular problems.

The report in "All the Latest News" is illustrative of the true problem of feeding an animal food from the kitchen table. There is no way of knowing what type of pesticide or growth element was used in raising any particular food. Additionally, there is the possibility that regular dog food can interact with human food and the results can be devastating.

A final problem that can occur is when a dog owner is feeding the animal human food it is easy to lose track of what has been given to them. Something that the owner knows would be dangerous in combination slips their mind. Further, when the dog is outside it is their nature to put things in their mouth that they shouldn't and if they are already stoked up on "bad things" who knows what can happen?

So, today we find out a little more about our dogs. We have found out that they can have a toxic reaction from many types of nuts. The best policy, however, is keep human food away from them; everyone will be happier.